SETINFLATION Proposal Is Passed,EOS Foundation Will Get 2% EOS Inflation,How Will EOS Evolve?

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EOS is definitely on a downswing comparing with other major chains, and EOS community members is starting to self-rescue: EOS founder BM leading the Eden community and EOS Nation former CEO Yves La Rose leading EOS Foundation.

Eden Community has been founded for some time and gain some reputation already; EOS Foundation is just founded recently and its proposal — EOS inflation 2% is quite controversial. Many people don’t know what it is. This article will explain the EOS 2% inflation proposal, EOS Foundation and what it will bring to EOS.

eosio.grants get 3,430,000 EOS as initial capital (17,000,000 USD) and eosio.saving start to obtain 2% inflation reward from EOS system. It is already a good beginning, but the journey is just started. The challenge still remains, How EOS Foundation will properly use those funds to help EOS eco-system grow and make EOS great again?

2. How EOS Eco-system Evolve in EOS Foundation Era?

In the past few years, people have always placed their hopes of supporting the development of EOS on Obviously, past experience proves that is unreliable. Although the people in the community are very dissatisfied with this status quo, they can do nothing with

For projects based on the EOS network, it is clear that it is easier to get funding from the EOS Foundation than from! When the project party receives funding, more funds can be used to expand the team, improve development efficiency, create more valuable products, enhance product competitiveness, and attract more users.

There is no doubt that under the guidance of the EOS Foundation, which upholds the original intention, the eos ecosystem is expected to usher in a new period of prosperity.

3. Promising Project on EOS

EOS Foundation is going to support good project on EOS chain, let’s have a good look on good projects.


Defibox is a one-stop Defi application platform incubated by Newdex. It has three major protocols: Swap, USN stable coin and Lending. It is currently the largest Defi project in the EOS ecosystem.

The swap liquidity pool reached 15 million EOS, the 24-hour trading volume reached 1.82 million EOS, the minted multi-collateral stable coin — USN circulation reached 6.8 million, and the lending deposit scale reached 8 million EOS (about 40 million USD). The indicators are ranked first in the EOS ecology.

If the EOS Foundation can promote the prosperity of the EOS ecosystem, then the statue of Defibox in the EOS ecosystem will be equivalent to Uniswap on Ethereum and PancakeSwap on BSC. Defibox need to be paid attention to.

Check the EOS Foundation Advisory Board, Defibox has a good relationship with those board members.


The EOS mainnet was launched in the summer of 2018, and Newdex also began to root in the EOS ecosystem at that time, an “old-school” of EOS ecological development. Currently, Newdex is the largest DEX exchange in the EOS ecosystem, and the node ranks first by now.

At the same time, Newdex has made a huge contribution to the development of the EOS ecosystem. The “EOS Four Edges” are directly or indirectly connected to Newdex. Newdex has incubated the largest Defi project in the EOS ecosystem — Defibox, and has funded DeFis Network and Organix.


PIZZA is one of the “EOS Four Edges”, the most famous of which is Lending. It was once known as “the Base for Short” — When the EOS ecosystem was booming last year, it quickly listed coins and provided a battlefield for long and short games. And the reputation is great.

In addition, PIZZA is also once again proving its product innovation through its newly launched AIR, which is a swap platform similar to Curve, which can effectively reduce swap slippage between stable coins. The cooperation on USN has proved its existence value.


As one of the “EOS Four Edges”, we cannot ignore the project: The Organix team has a close relationship with the EOS Foundation.and its recent cross-chain strategy is also on its way.


There are many other excellent projects worth mentioning

Everipedia, an encyclopaedia website for blockchain

Chintai, a decentralized resource trade platform

Liquidapps, DAPP network service provider

pNetwork, a cross-bridge asset project, brings pTokens to EOS, e.g. PBTC, PETH

EOS Foundation Introduction (excerpts from Medium)

Mission of EOS Foundation

On August 6,EOS Nation former CEO Yves La Rose published a blog, he mentioned:

“EOS faces many difficulties and surmounting them will be no easy task. EOS is in a state akin to exsanguination. It is clear to me that in its quest to achieve a desired level of decentralization EOS omitted giving way to the growth of centralization which brings about known benefits, such as efficiency and efficacy. It did so expressly to distance itself from the traditional systems, which gave rise to the blockchain revolution in the first place. In this regard it has succeeded. However, for a system to be antifragile it requires balance. EOS lacks a focused entity that has, at its core, a mission of enabling developers, businesses, and individuals to build on EOS. A top-down appointed hierarchy responsible for the urgently needed allocation of funding and coordination of resources that is common in other ecosystems but is lacking in EOS. Many have argued that this was to be’s role when they were sent over $4B during the token sale, however there is widespread consensus that they have failed and are failing to adequately take on that role if this is something they are indeed aiming for. Regardless, this void must be filled.

These last two months offered an opportunity to take a step back and reflect on the EOS ecosystem from a different angle. Having resigned as the CEO of EOS Nation, my days opened and I could utilize my time as I chose fit. I found myself in a peculiar and interesting position. Where should I be dedicating my time; how could I best continue helping to grow this community to add the maximum amount of value; did I even want to remain here or was it time to pack up… I sought counsel with many in the community who have supported me along this multi-year journey and have provided such an incredible amount of insight and advice. Throughout those conversations I was reminded of the reasons why EOS attracted me in the first place and the magic that many of us once felt as members of an inspirational community, whilst contemplating the difficult realities that we face currently. Those realities were known to me during my tenure at the helm of EOS Nation, but no longer holding that position gave me a new understanding of these challenges and an opportunity to take time to reflect upon them. I could now focus on different methods to leverage my unique skill set, knowledge, and expansive global network, outside of the current structures that govern the EOS ecosystem.”

“Organizational Structure of the EOS Foundation

The Foundation will be composed of two distinct groups of individuals. A core team responsible for the day-to-day management and administrative operations of the Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “core”), and a board of advisors made up of subject matter specialists that can help with gaps in knowledge (hereinafter referred to as “board”). The board will not be responsible for the governance of the Foundation. Rather, the board exists to deliver advice and support to the core.

EOS Foundation Advisory Board

The board will be capped to seven (7) positions to maximize effectiveness. The board has been appointed and selected as a result of extensive discussions with stakeholders. These elite individuals have displayed an exceptionally strong business acumen, incomparable data access, and an overall understanding of EOS that will be required when providing advice to the core. One (1) position remains open at this time for which I am actively recruiting.

· Aaron Cox, founder of Greymass

· Dafeng Guo, founder of EOS Asia and Strikingly

· Fu Pan, founder and CEO of TockenPocket

· Peter Watt, Newdex Project Leader

· Van Kai, iconic founder and leader of the EOS Cannon community

· Wen Huaqiang, veteran developer and initiator of CryptoKylin

This board will be responsible for reviewing the grant and sponsorship proposals brought forth by the core as well as providing it with critical feedback and overall direction. Although the final decisions and on-chain authority remain with the Foundation core, the board will serve as an overarching oversight function to ensure external stakeholder accountability is present.”

Disclaimer: All the above content are not for endorsement and shall not be regarded as investment advice.

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