Defibox stable coin swap protocol “Balance” officially launched

Defibox Team
2 min readMay 25, 2022

The EOS version of the stable coin swap protocol “Balance” will be officially launched on May 25, 2022. Balance is a stable coin swap protocol jointly developed by the EOS Nation team and Defibox. The contract has been audited by several auditing companies and the code is open source.

Balance is a designed model that fits stablecoin price fluctuation pattern , featuring low slippage, low transaction fees, and low impermanent loss, making it more suitable for large-value exchange of stablecoins. It aims to create an EOS version curve , which is suitable for stablecoin swap and helps USN grow.

Balance uses a unique constant product + constant sum function model. With a constant sum model near the price equilibrium point, the liquidity is concentrated near this point and the liquidity depth of stable coins is guaranteed. Therefore, stablecoin transactions on the Balance protocol can reduce users’ slippage losses. In addition, the transaction fee of the Balance stablecoin swap protocol is 0.06%, of which 2/3 of the transaction fee is awarded to the market maker, and 1/3 is allocated to the protocol revenue.

At present, Balance mainly supports the exchange between stable coins (USDT, USN), and users can provide liquidity for Balance and also conduct transactions. Balance will support more token transactions in the future, so stay tuned!

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The operation process of the Balance protocol is almost the same as that of the Swap protocol, which is very simple.

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