Defibox Weekly Report 4.5-4.11


Weekly Data Overview

1. Total Volume Locked-up (TVL):19,165,585 EOS

(2021.4.11 24:00 Data update)

2. EOS Dapps Ranking NO.1

(Data source : DappRadar)

3. Total Volume Locked-up(TVL)

4.Volume Locked-up distribution (2021.4.11 24:00 data update)

5.The total amount of Swap exchanges(EOS)

6. USN minting volume、EOS staking volume

7. USN peg trend (USN+USDT)

8. BOX Weekly Releasing Overview

BOX Total release volume:1611460 BOX

BOX Weekly release volume:22,497BOX

Daily Average release volume last week:3213 BOX

9. BOX Weekly Quotation(EOS+BOX)

10. BSS total saving amount(BOX)


Defibox Revenue Ranking


Project Breakthroughs

1. Defibox Foundation officially has launched the DIP26 proposal to increase the value of Defibox and prepare for the multi-chain process.

2. Defibox has launched a community incentive plan and the recruitment of community volunteers. Welcome all that are interested to join our team and work together!



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